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Date 24th May'24

Date 24th May'24

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Course Will Start In:


Join The 3 Day Vastu Foundation Course at 99/-
And Develop Your Vastu Skills Like A Pro!

After Attending The Vastu Foundation Course, You Will Be Able To…

Don’t Just Take My Words For It

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Join The 3 Day Vastu Foundation Course at 99/-
And Develop Your Vastu Skills Like A Pro!

The Vastu Foundation Course Is For YOU…

Whether you’re planning to buy a new home or facing challenges like financial stress, health issues, relationship strains, or legal matters, this course helps you make your living space better.

Whether you’re just starting out or already on your vastu consultancy journey, this course provides essential foundational knowledge and advanced insights to elevate your practice and better serve your clients

Whether you’re curious about ancient wisdom or want a new hobby, this course lets you explore Vastu’s teachings in a fun and enriching way that you will remember and follow for the rest of your life

Who wants to skyrocket their career by working with premium clients, delivering unbelievable results, and making a decent income as a professional Vastu Specialist

bharat sir

Don’t Just Take My Words For It

Achieve better mental

Attract good luck
and fortune

Avoid conflicts
and bring positivity

Attract health, wealth, and good relationships

Remove negativity and
vastu dosh

Live in harmony
and peace

What You Will Learn In This 3-Day Vastu Foundation Course

Day 1 –
1- What is Vastu and Its Importance?
2- Vastu Doshas in Home.
3- How to check the correct direction and how to find the centre of home.
4- Effects of Vastu Doshas in Different Directions. 

Day 2 –
1. Vastu for Money.
2. Vastu for Health
3. Vastu for Relationships.

Day 3—
1. Questions and Remedies.
2. Solution for few major problems.

Most Of The People In India And Overseas

Don’t Even Know & Follow Basic Vastu Principles And Guidelines Made By Our Ancient Civilization!

Instead, they follow Random YouTube Videos or Unauthorized Information on Google about vastu corrections and directions where each article and video tells different things and make them MORE CONFUSED!

This Results In…

And Much Much More!


Many People Are Unaware That The House They’re Living In, The Office They Are Working In, And Their Surroundings Where They Spend The Most Time…

Is Creating A Negative Vastu Influence That They Have No Idea About!!!

And That’s What I’m Going To Solve For You In My Upcoming 3-Day Vastu Foundation

Join The 3 Day Vastu Foundation Course at 99/-
And Develop Your Vastu Skills Like A Pro!

Meet Your Trainer...


Namaskar, I am Acharya Bharat Gautam, born and bought up in the city of Lord Krishna Mathura.From Childhood, I had a keen interest in occult sciences thanks to my Father Late Shri Abhay Gautam Ji ( A great Sadhak of Hanumanji ) and Nanaji Shri P C Gautam Ji. My Father taught me the spiritual practices which pave the path of what I am today. My Nanaji is a great astrologer , Palmist and a Kali Sadhak who figured out my Spiritual energy and channelized it to learn the astrology and spiritual practices.When completed my 12th my Father put me to the feets of Late Shri Ravindra Nath Chaturvedi Ji also known as Dadaji.
being retired as an XEN from Irrigation Department from Govt of India he started teaching Vastu & KP astrology to very few students which he choses after examining them thoroughly.Dadaji taught me every thing from Vastu , Astrology , Healing, Hypnosis, Past life regression, Telepathy. Although I used to ask Dadaji very often why he teaches me Vastu in returned he just smiled always.

Now I know why he gave me all of his knowledge. He have seen in his visions someday I’ll be fulfilling his wishes which he wasn’t able to do as the lack of technology.Till now I have done Vastu for thousand’s of Home, Offices and Factories with proven records and helped uncountable people by Astrology and Healing from 2010. Being a student of Spiritual sciences for more than 20 years I can say is that it flows in my blood and my Guru Dadaji channelized it and helped uncountable people from Health , Money and Family problems through Vastu , Astrology and Healing.Today by the blessings of Mahadev. Maa Shakti, My guru Dadaji and Ancestors. I have helped uncountable people for there ailments and taught many spiritual practices to deserving candidates.

While these are interesting, Vastu has remained my favorite because of its profound impact on transforming both spaces and lives.

I’m excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you, helping you discover the incredible potential of Vastu with my upcoming 3-Day Vastu Foundation Course!

Major Benefits You’ll Get From

3-Day Vastu Foundation Workshop

Join The 3 Day Vastu Foundation Course at 99/-
And Develop Your Vastu Skills Like A Pro!

Here’s The Difference After You Attend The

3-Day Vastu Foundation Workshop



Join The 3 Day Vastu Foundation Course at 99/-
And Develop Your Vastu Skills Like A Pro!

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