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Learn about Vastu for flats with our easy guide. Discover how to bring positive energy at home and balanced using simple steps. Whether you’re buying or renting, this guide helps you check if your flat has good Vastu. Find out how this ancient science brings harmony and success to your living space.

It is believed that this traditional approach to building planning and architecture creates a calm and happy living environment. Whether you’re purchasing or renting a flat, knowing the fundamentals of Vastu can help you create a space that encourages success & pleasure. We examine Vastu at home and learn how to determine whether the home of your dreams has good Vastu.

Importance of bringing positive energy at home:

Vastu is a set of Indian cultural principles that guide the construction and arrangement of homes, including interior decor. Following Vastu is believed to bring prosperity, health, and happiness. It involves specific guidelines for each room, aiming to create a positive and harmonious living environment. Living following Vastu principles is thought to significantly impact general well-being.

Vastu principles to bring positive energy at home:

Making your home happy is like solving a puzzle, and Vastu is the guide to get it just right! Picture your home as a special place filled with good feelings and positive energy. Think about which way each room faces. Is your bedroom looking east, west, north, or south?

Each direction has its cool colors and vibes that bring good energy. Keeping things clean is like magic! A tidy place means a clear mind and happy feelings. Be careful with sharp corners – they’re like grumpy guests.

Tips for Checking Vastu at home:

• Entrance: The door to your home should face north, east, or northeast. Don’t pick a flat with doors in the south, west, or southwest.

• Bedroom: Put the main bedroom in the southwest corner for stability and happy family vibes. Avoid putting bedrooms in the northeast corner as it might disrupt peace.

• Kitchen: Place the kitchen in the southeast to get good energy from the fire. Don’t put it in the northwest because it could affect your money situation.

• Light and Air: Make sure your home has enough windows for fresh air and sunlight in all rooms. This helps keep the good energy flowing.

• Bathroom: Put bathrooms in the northwest or southeast corners. Avoid placing them near the kitchen or dining area.

• Colors: Use colors that follow Vastu’s ideas. Use soft colors like pastels or greens for bedrooms to create a calm atmosphere. For living areas, opt for lively colors like reds or oranges to add vibrancy and energy to the space.


  1. What would happen in my flat if I didn’t follow Vastu?

If you don’t follow Vastu in your flat, some people believe it might lead to disruptions in positive energy flow. This could potentially impact your well-being, relationships, and overall success.

  • Can I make changes to improve Vastu in an already occupied flat?

Yes, you can make changes to improve Vastu in an already occupied flat. Good Vastu can create a positive and growing environment.

3. What are common Vastu problems in flats?

Common Vastu problems in flats include wrong placement of the kitchen, bedrooms, toilets, main entrance facing the wrong way, blocked ventilation, clutter, and more. These issues can disturb positive energy flow in your home.

4. Can you fix Vastu’s problems in flats?

Yes, there are remedies for Vastu problems in flats. Some simple fixes include using mirrors to reflect positive energy, putting wind chimes near windows for good vibes, using saltwater cures to neutralize negativity, keeping indoor plants for purification, and more.

5. What are some benefits of following Vastu for my home?

By following the principles of vastness for your home:

• You may experience improved physical health due to better air circulation and natural light.

• Your mental well-being may improve as per proper room alignments.

• Relationships within families may become stronger as emotional balance improves.

• Financial stability might be enhanced by attracting wealth and abundance.

• Overall happiness levels could increase as you reside in an energetically balanced environment.

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