5 Gifts to Avoid Giving Your Love Once as per Vastu!

Napkins and Towels Considered personal gifts but not recommended by Vaastu Shastra. If unavoidable, exchange a coin.

Water-related Gifts Avoid water objects as gifts due to Vaastu concerns; they can transfer negative energies and financial problems.

Gods and Goddesses Statues While common in Hindu households, be cautious about gifting statues; improper handling can bring negativity. Lord Ganesh is an exception if placed correctly.

Stationary Items Avoid business-related gifts like stationery; they can negatively affect the recipient's work life. Pens, especially, are symbolic and should be avoided.

Sharp Items Steer clear of gifting sharp objects like cutlery or knives; they can introduce negative energies. Choose safer kitchen items like cookware or storage sets.