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Are you looking for Vastu consultancy for your home, office, shop or factory. We are the most trusted Vastu expert. We have consulted to 8000+ family in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune and other cities.

Make your home, office, factory & shop Vastu certified

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Bharat Gautam, Founder of Astrovaidya, is a renowned Vastu consultant in India with over 12 years of experience. He has served across all the major cities in India and Abroad. He is awarded as the best vastu consultant. We are also providing online vastu consultancy from past 5 years. Get in touch with us now.


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About Founder

Bharat Gautam is a Leading Vastu expert in India

Astrovaidya Founder

Are you going through these problems?

Wrong Vastu space can be the cause!

Want to get rid from these problems?
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6 way: How correct vastu space can improve your life

Our vastu expert will help you out of this

✅ Make Your Relationship Stronger

Make your relation stronger & healthy with your wife, Parents, Siblings and Friends

✅ Improve Your Financial Condition

Decrease your debt or loan and make your hand full of money

✅ Increase Focus and Productivity

Correct Vastu can increase your work and productivity by let you focus in your space.

✅ Helps You in Spiritual Growth

Let you less distract during meditation, yoga & spirituality and enhance your life.

✅ Better Health Condition

Experience a boost in your health and live a longer life

✅ Elevate your career

Get more career opportunities and promotion in your work life.

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Astrovaidya Vastu Certified Home

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Harmonize your home with expert Vastu consultation service for home.

Vastu Certified Factory

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Optimize your factory's energy flow with expert Vastu consultation services.

Vastu Certified Shop

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Enhance your shop's success with professional Vastu consultation services.

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Committed To Keep Every Space Vastu Compliant

Unleash the potential of Vastu-certified spaces for positive transformations and abundance in your life.

We Follow Best Practices

We believe in satisfaction of our customers. We will suggest all the resource to make your space vastu compliant.

Whar Our Clients Say

About Astrovaidya


Ankita Trivedi

"Since the Vastu consultation for our home, we have experienced a remarkable shift in the energy of our living space. The personalized recommendations have brought a sense of peace, harmony, and prosperity to our lives. Highly recommended!"


Deep Patel

"The Vastu consultation for our factory has been a game-changer for our business. With the expert guidance received, we witnessed improved productivity, smooth operations, and increased profitability. The positive energy flow has truly transformed our manufacturing unit."


Vaman Gupta

"Thanks to the Vastu consultation for our shop, we have seen a significant boost in customer footfall and sales. The expert recommendations on layout, color schemes, and energy flow have created an inviting and harmonious space that customers love. Our business has flourished!"


Parth Panchal

"I had the pleasure of receiving an astrology consultation that exceeded my expectations. The astrologer's profound insights and accurate predictions provided me with invaluable guidance for making important life decisions. Their deep knowledge and compassionate approach created a transformative experience.

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Yes, we provide online consultancy from past 5 years. You can contact with us to schedule your online consultation

Yes, We have served across globe and have more than 1000 clients from USA, UK, CANADA & AUSTRALIA

Astrovaidya assure that our clients will get positive response after getting consulted with us. For this, we take timely review with our clients.