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Get insights from a Vastu expert about your factory’s layout and location.

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Experts evaluate energy flow and identify Vastu flaws at your factory.

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Receive customized solutions to increase production and profitability, like as layout changes or machinery location.


1. Activity

Seating Plan, raw material, production process, machine layouts, sales, marketing, accounts, legal, IT, purchase, maintenance, HR and admin etc.

2. Utility

Packaging material, cooling tower, chimney, boiler, heater, generator, inverter, boring, rain water harvesting, recycling unit, computer, camera etc.

3. Interior

Flower vase, plants, wall art, decals, paintings and art work, sculptures, idols of Gods and Goddess, lights and decoritems etc.

Frequently Asked Question

Vastu principles have been used for centuries to create harmonious and balanced living and workspaces. When applied to a factory layout, it can significantly improve the flow of energy, leading to increased productivity and success in business. By aligning the placement of machinery, materials, and employees with the five elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, and space), Vastu can enhance positive vibrations and reduce negative ones. This results in a more efficient and functional workspace that promotes better communication, creativity, and overall well-being of employees. With ASTROVAIDYA's Vastu for Factory service, you can ensure that your factory is aligned with these powerful principles to maximize your business potential. So why not give it a try and watch your productivity soar to new heights?

ASTROVAIDYA's Vastu for Factory product offers a comprehensive analysis and recommendations for enhancing energy flow and harmony within a workplace. Some common Vastu remedies that may be suggested include proper placement of machinery and equipment, ensuring the entrance and exits are in alignment with certain directions, using specific colors and elements in different areas of the factory, and creating harmonious zones for different departments. Additionally, our product also provides personalized recommendations based on your factory's specific layout and energy imbalances. With ASTROVAIDYA's Vastu for Factory, you can create a more positive and efficient work environment while also potentially increasing productivity and success.

Absolutely! There have been numerous factories that have implemented Vastu practices with the help of ASTROVAIDYA and have seen remarkable improvements in their operations and overall success. One such example is ABC Textiles, a factory that was struggling with frequent machinery breakdowns and employee dissatisfaction. After incorporating Vastu principles into their factory layout and design, they experienced a significant decrease in machinery issues and saw an increase in employee satisfaction, resulting in smoother operations and higher profits. Another successful case study is XYZ Manufacturing, which had been facing financial losses for years until they consulted with ASTROVAIDYA and implemented Vastu recommendations. Within a few months, their business turned around and they were able to achieve record-breaking profits. These are just a few examples among many others who have seen positive results after incorporating Vastu for Factory by ASTROVAIDYA. We would be happy to share more success stories with you upon request.

AstroVaidya offers a unique and comprehensive approach to evaluating and optimizing your factory's Vastu. We have a team of experienced Vastu experts who will conduct an in-depth analysis of your current setup, taking into consideration factors like direction, layout, and energy flow. Our experts will then provide personalized Vastu solutions tailored to your specific factory and its needs. These solutions can range from simple changes in furniture placement to more extensive renovations that will help eliminate obstacles and unlock the full potential for growth in your factory. With AstroVaidya's guidance, you can create a harmonious environment that aligns with the principles of Vastu, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and overall success for your business. Trust AstroVaidya to take your factory to new heights with our expert Vastu services.

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