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Acharaya Bharat Gautam

Namaskar, I am Acharaya Bharat Gautam, born and bought up in the city of Lord Krishna Mathura.From Childhood, I had a keen interest in occult sciences thanks to my Father Late Shri Abhay Gautam Ji ( A great Sadhak of Hanumanji ) and Nanaji Shri P C Gautam Ji. My Father taught me the spiritual practices which pave the path of what I am today. My Nanaji is a great astrologer , Palmist and a Kali Sadhak who figured out my Spiritual energy and channelized it to learn the astrology and spiritual practices.When completed my 12th my Father put me to the feets of Late Shri Ravindra Nath Chaturvedi Ji also known as Dadaji. Being retired as an XEN from Irrigation Department from Govt of India he started teaching Vastu & KP astrology to very few students which he choses after examining them thoroughly. Dadaji taught me every thing from Vastu , Astrology , Healing, Hypnosis, Past life regression, Telepathy. Although I used to ask Dadaji very often why he teaches me Vastu in returned he just smiled always.

Now I know why he gave me all of his knowledge. He have seen in his visions someday I’ll be fulfilling his wishes which he wasn’t able to do as the lack of technology.Till now I have done Vastu for thousand’s of Home, Offices and Factories with proven records and helped uncountable people by Astrology and Healing from 2010. Being a student of Spiritual sciences for more than 20 years I can say is that it flows in my blood and my Guru Dadaji channelized it and helped uncountable people from Health , Money and Family problems through Vastu , Astrology and Healing. Today by the blessings of Mahadev. Maa Shakti, My guru Dadaji and Ancestors. I have helped uncountable people for there ailments and taught many spiritual practices to deserving candidates.


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Learn simple and effective Vastu and Jyotish remedies for Career, Health, Cash Flow and Relationships. 

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