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7 Tips To Check Vastu Of Your Home

7 Tips To Check Vastu Of Your Home


Finding balance and harmony inside our homes is more vital than ever in today’s fast-paced and chaotic society. This is where Vastu comes in. Whether you believe in Vastu or not, its principles may have a significant influence on the energy and atmosphere of your house. So, if you’re interested in learning how to design a setting that encourages positivity, tranquility, and plenty, keep reading!  We will look at 7 Tips To Check Vastu Of Your Home and discover the secrets to a happy home.

Understanding the Concept of Vastu

Vastu, derived from the Sanskrit word “Vas” meaning dwelling or habitat, is an ancient Indian science that focuses on harmonizing the energy flow within a living space. It is based on the belief that our homes are not just physical structures but also energetic entities that can greatly influence our well-being.

According to Vastu principles, every aspect of our home – from its orientation and layout to the placement of furniture and décor – has an impact on the overall energy balance. The goal of Vastu is to create a harmonious environment that promotes health, happiness, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

It’s important to note that Vastu is not about blindly following rigid rules or superstitions. Rather, it provides guidelines for creating a positive living space tailored to your specific needs and goals. By understanding these principles, you can make informed decisions when designing or renovating your home.

When you incorporate Vastu principles into your home, it brings numerous benefits. It ensures proper room and furniture placement for optimal natural light and ventilation, promoting good health and a pleasant ambiance. Vastu enhances relationships by designating specific areas for activities, fostering harmony and communication.

Implementing Vastu attracts prosperity by aligning your surroundings with cosmic energies, promoting financial growth. It also contributes to mental peace, reducing stress levels. Neglecting Vastu may lead to imbalances, resulting in conflicts, financial difficulties, or health problems.

Benefits of Following Vastu in Your Home:

  • Enhanced Energy Flow: Ensures positive energy throughout, promoting overall well-being.
  • Improved Health: Positive impact on physical and mental health.
  • Financial Prosperity: Attracts wealth and abundance.
  • Strengthened Relationships: Fosters healthy family relationships.
  • Increased Career Opportunities: Influences professional growth.
  • Positive Vibes at Home: Creates an uplifting atmosphere.
  • Overall, Harmony: Balances nature’s elements for harmonious living.
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How to Check Your Home's Vastu: Tools and Methods

Effective ways to check Vastu:

  • Floor plan analysis: Check for irregularities affecting energy flow.
  • Compass reading: Ensure rooms align correctly.
  • Energy balancing techniques: Utilize space clearing, feng shui, and rituals.
  • Elemental balance: Assess the presence of earth, water, fire, air, and space.
  • Symbolic representations: Use yantras or sacred symbols strategically.
  • Color therapy: Use Vastu-compliant colors.
  • Seek expert guidance: Consult experienced Vastu experts for personalized advice.

Room by Room Vatu Checklist:

  • Entrance: Well-lit and clutter-free.
  • Living Room: Promote conversation with proper furniture arrangement and soothing colors.
  • Bedroom: Southwest bed placement for stability, avoid electronics.
  • Kitchen: Southeast stove placement, separate food items from cleaning supplies.
  • Bathroom: Fix leaks promptly, keep doors closed when not in use.
  • Study/Office Space: Position desk facing east or northeast, declutter.
  • Garden/Patio Area: Maintain a well-kept garden, avoid thorny plants.

Common Vastu Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Cluttered Spaces: Accumulated clutter disrupts positive energy flow.
  • Incorrect Furniture Placement: Haphazard placement affects overall harmony.
  • Blocked Doorways and Windows: Obstacles restrict energy circulation.
  • Poor Lighting: Insufficient lighting impacts aesthetics and energy.
  • Neglected Entrance Area: Well-lit and clutter-free entrance for positive energies.
  • Violating Directional Guidelines: Align rooms according to designated directions.
  • Ignoring Five Elements: Incorporate all five elements in each room.


Clearing clutter ensures a clean and organized living space, while incorporating natural elements like plants and sunlight promotes a positive environment. Balancing the five elements in each room contributes to overall well-being, and choosing colors wisely based on Vastu guidelines enhances the positive energy flow. Designating specific zones for different purposes helps maintain order, and ensuring proper lighting, both natural and artificial, uplifts the mood of the space. Lastly, seeking expert advice from Vastu professionals like ASTROVAIDYA provides personalized insights for a truly harmonious living experience.


  1. What if I can’t make major structural changes to my home?
    Not all Vastu recommendations require drastic alterations. Simple remedies and adjustments can often be made to enhance positive energy flow within your existing space.
  1. Is Vastu only applicable to residential properties
    While commonly associated with homes, the principles of Vastu can also be applied to commercial spaces such as offices, shops, and restaurants. Establishing harmony and balance is beneficial in any environment.
  1. Can I check my home’s Vastu myself or should I consult an expert?
    While there are tools and methods available for self-assessment of your home’s Vastu, consulting a professional expert is highly recommended for a thorough evaluation and personalized guidance based on your specific needs.
  1. How long does it take to see results after implementing Vastu changes
    The timeline for experiencing noticeable changes varies from person to person and depends on various factors such as the severity of existing imbalances, individual receptivity, and consistency in following recommended practices.
  1. Are there any scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of Vastu?
    Vastu is deeply rooted in ancient Indian traditions but has gained attention worldwide due to its practical benefits experienced by many individuals over centuries. While scientific research on this subject is limited, anecdotal evidence suggests positive outcomes in terms of overall well-being and improved quality of life.

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