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As per Vaastu, keep the Christmas tree at home

As per Vastu, keep the Christmas tree at home

As per Vastu, keep the Christmas tree at home


Vastu’s beautiful space, where old knowledge meets modern festivities! As per Vastu, keep the Christmas tree at home, it’s time to dig into the interesting world of Vastu for Christmas. While you may be aware of the notion of Vastu – the Indian discipline of construction and design – did you realize it may also improve your holiday celebrations? That’s correct! You may create a peaceful and wealthy environment that emanates positive energy by adding Vastu concepts into your holiday preparations.

The symbolism of the Christmas Tree in Vastu

  • Representation of Growth and Abundance: The Christmas tree symbolizes growth, abundance, and positivity in Vastu principles.
  • Positive Energies in the Home: Bringing a Christmas tree into the home during the festive season invites positive energies according to Vastu principles.
  • Ideal Placement in Vastu: Ideally, place the Christmas tree in the northeast or east direction of the living room for maximum positive impact.
  • Colorful Decorations: Decorate the tree with vibrant colors like red, gold, and green, symbolizing prosperity and happiness in Vastu.
  • Avoiding Negative Energies: Vastu suggests avoiding sharp objects like glass ornaments on the tree and opting for natural materials to promote harmony and balance.
  • Spiritual Connection: Incorporating Vastu principles enhances spiritual connection and fills the entire house with positive vibrations during the festive season.

Ideal Location for Placing the Christmas Tree According to Vastu

  • Living Room or Common Areas: Recommended to place the Christmas tree in the living room or common areas for positive energy to flow throughout the entire household.
  • Avoid Inappropriate Areas: Avoid placing the tree in bedrooms or bathrooms as per Vastu guidelines, considering these areas inappropriate for festive decorations.
  • Auspicious Directions: East or northeast directions are considered auspicious for placing the Christmas tree, believed to attract abundance and prosperity.
  • Sufficient Space Around the Tree: Ensure there is enough space around the tree, avoiding placement against a wall or obstruction by furniture.
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Tips for decorating the Christmas tree as per Vastu principles

  • Choose the right colors: According to Vastu, colors play a significant role in creating positive energy and harmony. When decorating your Christmas tree, opt for colors that align with Vastu principles.
  • Balance the elements: The five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – are important in Vastu. To maintain balance, decorate your tree with ornaments representing each element.
  • Avoid sharp objects: In line with Vastu principles of creating a harmonious environment at home during Christmas celebrations; it is advisable to avoid using sharp-edged decorations on your Christmas tree such as pointed stars or spikey icicles. Instead, opt for round-shaped ornaments that promote positive vibes.
  • Add natural elements: Incorporating natural materials into your Christmas tree decoration not only enhances its beauty but also brings nature’s healing energy indoors according to Vastu principles.
  • 5: Maintain cleanliness and orderliness: Keeping your surroundings clean and organized is crucial when it comes to following Vastu guidelines during festivals like Christmas where you have a decorated tree at home.


From placing the Christmas tree in an ideal location to decorating it according to Vastu guidelines, there are various ways to align your festive decorations with this ancient science. The symbolism of the Christmas tree in Vastu signifies growth, abundance, and spiritual connection. According to Vastu, the northeast corner of your home is considered auspicious for placing the Christmas tree. This direction is associated with positivity and brings good fortune.

When decorating the Christmas tree as per Vastu principles, opt for colors like green (representing vitality), red (symbolizing passion), gold, or silver (signifying wealth). Use natural materials like wooden ornaments or fabric ribbons instead of plastic ones to maintain a harmonious balance.

5 FAQs

  1. Can I keep a Christmas tree in any room of the house according to Vastu?
    According to Vastu principles, it is recommended to place the Christmas tree in the living room or main entrance area of your home. These areas are believed to be auspicious and attract positive energy.
  1. Is there a specific direction in which the Christmas tree should face?
    Yes, as per Vastu, it is ideal for the Christmas tree to face either North or East direction. This allows for a better flow of positive energy and brings harmony into your home during the festive season.
  1. Are there any specific colors or ornaments that are considered auspicious for decorating the Christmas tree as per Vastu?
    In terms of colors, shades like green (symbolizing growth), red (representing passion and vitality), gold (associated with abundance), and silver (symbolizing purity) are considered favorable according to Vastu principles. When it comes to ornaments, incorporating elements like bells (to ward off negative energies), stars (representing divine guidance), and lights (bringing joy and positivity) can enhance the aura around your Christmas tree.
  2. Can I have more than one Christmas tree at home following Vastu guidelines?
    While having multiple trees may not necessarily go against Vastu principles, it is important to ensure that each tree is placed with care and balance within your space. The focus should be on maintaining a harmonious environment rather than overwhelming it with excessive decorations.
  3. How can I incorporate other aspects of my holiday preparations following Vastu principles?
    Apart from placing the Christmas tree correctly, you can also apply certain Vastu tips while organizing other aspects of your holiday celebrations:
  • Place candles or diyas in the South-East corner of your home for prosperity.
  • Keep food offerings towards the West direction during prayers or rituals.
  • Create a soothing ambiance by using soft lighting and calming music.

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