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Vastu Tips for Relationship growth and peace

Vastu Tips for Relationship growth and peace | ASTROVAIDYA

The ancient Indian discipline of building and space harmony, known as Vastu Tips for Relationship, can support the development of a happy and healthy relationship. It’s possible to build a loving, understanding, and respectful environment in your home by implementing certain changes.

To establish and preserve a happy relationship, consider the following Vastu advice:

1. Bedroom Placement and Setup:

Southwest Corner of the home: Orienting the master bedroom toward the southwest corner of the home will help to ground and stabilize the space.

Don’t Rent a Bedroom in the Northeast: The main bedroom shouldn’t be located in the northeast corner; instead, it should be used for spiritual pursuits.

2. Bed Placement

Head Position: When sleeping, position your head towards the south or east. This promotes good health and peaceful sleep.

Refrain from Sleeping Under Beams: Sleeping beneath exposed beams can lead to strain and stress.

Bed Position: Make sure the bed is positioned away from the door and up against a sturdy wall. This provides stability and support for the partnership.

3. Colors and Decor

Use gentle and warm hues in the bedroom, such as pale yellow, light green, peach, or pink. These hues encourage peace and affection.

Steer Clear of Dark and Sharp Colors: Because they can exacerbate conflict and tension, colors like red, black, and dark blue should be avoided.

4. Pieces of Furniture and Objects

Pair Items: Use matching furniture to adorn the bedroom, such as two nightstands, two cushions, and matching pieces of art. This represents cooperation and solidarity.

Steer Clear of solitary objects: Steer Clear of solitary objects, which might represent isolation and parting.

5. Reflective surfaces and mirrors

Mirror Positioning: Steer clear of positioning mirrors directly across from beds as this might lead to confusion and unrest. Cover mirrors at night if they are required.

Reflective Surfaces: Take care that none of the surfaces mirror the bed, since this might cause relationship problems.

6. Lighting and Ambience

Soft Lighting: Use soft, dim lighting to make the bedroom feel comfortable and welcoming.

Natural Light: Make sure the bedroom receives lots of natural light during the day to keep it feeling cheery and energizing.

7. The Symbolic Art

Showcase Positive Art: Hang up pieces that express optimism, harmony, and love. Avert visuals of isolation, strife, or melancholy.

Symbols of Love: Use things shaped like hearts, flowers, or pairs of birds as decorations.

8. Natural Elements and Plants

Plants that are in good health should be positioned throughout the bedroom, especially in the southeast corner. Don’t touch bonsai or spiky plants.

Fresh Flowers: Add beauty and positive energy to the space by keeping fresh flowers in it.

9. Use of aromatherapy

Calm Aromas: To create a peaceful and cozy ambiance, use essential oils or incense scented with flowers like lavender, jasmine, or rose.

10. Maintain Order and Cleanliness Clutter-Free Space: To guarantee the free flow of positive energy, keep the bedroom organized and tidy.

Organize Storage: Make sure that spaces for storing goods are kept neat and orderly; otherwise, tension and mayhem may arise.

11. Individual Space and Limitations

Respect Personal Space: Make sure that each partner respects the limits and has their own space. Respect for one another and individuality are preserved in this way.

Create spaces in your house for shared activities, such as a dining room where you can enjoy quality time with each other, a little garden, or a comfortable reading corner.

12. Consistent Prayers and Rituals

Morning Prayers: Begin your day with morning prayers or meditation to stay calm and positive.

Chant Mantras: Recite mantras associated with peace and love, such as the “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra” or the “Gayatri Mantra.”


Remember that the foundation of a solid and loving relationship is open communication, mutual respect, and understanding. You can create a lasting and fulfilling partnership by integrating these Vastu Tips for Relationship with your efforts.

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