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8 Vastu guidance for a calm bedroom!

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Introduction to Vastu and its Impact on Our Lives

Our exploration of Vastu and its profound influence on our daily lives focuses on the bedroom—a sanctuary for relaxation. Learn how Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, holds the key to transforming your bedroom into a tranquil oasis. Let’s get into 8 Vastu guidelines for a calm bedroom!

Importance of a Calm Bedroom for Overall Well-Being

  • The bedroom is not just for sleep; it’s a sanctuary for solace and rejuvenation.
  • A calm bedroom promotes better sleep, reduces stress, and enhances physical and mental health.
  • Vastu principles emphasize proper furniture placement for harmonizing energy patterns.
  • Positioning the bed in the south or southwest aligns with natural forces conducive to relaxation.
  • Opt for soothing colors and soft lighting to create a serene atmosphere.
  • Maintain a clutter-free space for positive energy circulation.
  • Integrate air-purifying plants like lavender or jasmine for a calming effect.

Placement of the Bed According to Vastu Principles

  • Bed placement influences sleep quality, well-being, and relationships.
  • Ideal placement: Southwest corner for stability and grounding energy.
  • Head towards the south or east for health and prosperity.
  • Avoid placing the bed directly under a beam or facing mirrors.
  • If the bedroom has an attached bathroom, prevent the bed from sharing a wall with it.
  • Leave enough space around the bed for easy movement and airflow.

Colors and Lighting in the Bedroom as Per Vastu

  • Choose soft, soothing colors like pastels, blues, greens, or lavender for walls.
  • Natural light is ideal during the day; keep windows unobstructed.
  • Use warm, diffused artificial lighting; avoid harsh overhead lights.
  • Mirrors should not face the bed to prevent sleep disruption.
  • Balance personal taste with Vastu recommendations for a serene atmosphere.
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Decluttering and Organizing Tips for a Peaceful Bedroom

  • Remove unnecessary items; keep essentials like the bed, tables, and meaningful decorations.
  • Designate a place for everything; invest in storage solutions.
  • Keep the space under the bed clear according to Vastu
  • Regularly clean and dust for a fresh, relaxing environment.
  • Arrange furniture for smooth movement, following Feng Shui principles.

The Significance of Natural Elements in a Bedroom

  • Introduce nature through indoor plants for beauty and air purification.
  • Use organic materials for furniture and decor for an earthy feel.
  • Maximize natural light; keep windows unobstructed.
  • Add natural scents with essential oils or candles for a calming effect.

Conclusion: Creating a Harmonious Bedroom with Vastu

Creating a harmonious bedroom with Vastu principles is a transformative journey toward enhancing positive energy and tranquility in your living space. Key considerations include bed placement, ensuring it allows a clear view of the entrance for a sense of security and improved energy flow. Opting for soothing colors like pastels or neutrals promotes relaxation, while avoiding bright hues prevents overstimulation. Maintaining proper lighting is crucial; choose soft, diffused lighting over harsh overhead lights, utilizing warm-toned bulbs or dimmers for a cozy ambiance.


  1. Can I have a mirror in my bedroom as per Vastu?
    Yes, you can have a mirror in your bedroom, but it is important to follow certain Vastu guidelines for its placement. Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the bed or facing the bed while sleeping. This is believed to cause restlessness and disturbed sleep. Instead, position the mirror on the side of the bed or cover it with a cloth at night.
  1. Is it necessary to have an attached bathroom in the bedroom according to Vastu?
    Having an attached bathroom in your bedroom is considered convenient and practical by many people. However, if you do have one, ensure that you follow some basic Vastu principles for its location and plumbing arrangements. The bathroom should not be located directly opposite or next to the bed as this can lead to negative energy flow.
  1. How should I arrange furniture in my bedroom as per Vastu?
    When arranging furniture in your bedroom, keep in mind that there should be enough space around each piece of furniture for easy movement and flow of positive energy. Place your bed along a solid wall without any windows behind it, ensuring that no sharp corners are pointing towards it. Position other furniture such as wardrobes and dressers against walls instead of placing them near the entrance.
  1. Is it auspicious to keep a safe inside my bedroom according to Vastu?
    Keeping a safe inside your bedroom is not considered problematic from a Vastu perspective unless it is placed directly opposite or next to the headboard of your bed. This may create unnecessary stress and anxiety during sleep hours due to its association with financial matters.
  1. Can I paint my entire room black as per Vastu’s recommendations?
    While dark colors like black are generally not recommended for bedrooms according to Vastu principles, using small accents or accessories with these colors can add depth and contrast without overwhelming the space with negativity.

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