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Powerful Peacock Feathers Will Change Your Life

Powerful Peacock Feathers Will Change Your Life | Vastu Remedies

Peacock feathers have long been considered beauty, grace, and protection symbols. In Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design, peacock feathers are believed to bring good luck vastu, positive energy and harmony to your home. Here are some simple and powerful Vastu remedies using peacock feathers to transform your life.

1. Protect Your Home from Negative Energy

Place a peacock feather in a small vase or frame near the entrance of your home. This helps to ward off negative energy and welcomes positive vibes into your space.

2. Enhance Your Finances

Keep a peacock feather in the southeast corner of your home, considering the wealth corner in Vastu. This is believed to attract prosperity and financial stability.

3. Improve Relationships

Place a pair of peacock feathers in the southwest corner of your bedroom to foster love and harmony in your relationships. This can strengthen the bond between partners and promote a peaceful environment.

4. Boost Your Career

For career growth and success, place a peacock feather on your work desk or in the north area of your home office. This can help remove obstacles and bring new opportunities.

5. Promote Good Health

To enhance the health and well-being of your family, place peacock feathers in the east or northeast direction of your home. This area is linked to health and vitality in Vastu.

6. Bring Positive Energy to Your Living Room

Display peacock feathers in your living room to create a serene and positive atmosphere. This can help reduce stress and create a more harmonious environment for everyone.

7. Protect Against Evil Eye

Hang a peacock feather in the children’s room or near their study area to protect them from the evil eye and ensure their well-being.


Using peacock feathers as part of your Vastu remedies can bring balance, positivity, and transformation to your life. Whether it’s for protection, prosperity, or harmony, these simple practices can make a big difference in your home. Try these remedies and experience the positive changes they can bring.

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