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8 VASTU Things to Look in New House

8 VASTU Things to Look in New House | ASTROVAIDYA

Vastu principles must be taken into account when choosing a new home. Start with these Vastu Things to Look in New House, by determining the orientation of the house; ideally, it should face east to attract positive energy.

Did you think about ancient Vastu rules before you decided on a house? Whether you think it has special powers or not, Vastu can affect how peaceful and full of energy a house feels. We will examine the Top 8 Vastu-Recommended Features for a New Home.Vastu’s significance

What Vastu Things to Look in New House always:

• Vastu focuses on balancing nature and human dwellings for well-being and prosperity.

• Location and orientation are crucial aspects in Vastu; avoid negative energies like burial grounds.

• The entrance’s position influences how positive energy enters your home.

• Vastu incorporates natural elements, emphasizing the proper placement of doors and windows.

• Design the house layout according to Vastu principles for positive living environments.

• Specific room guidelines include placing bedrooms in the southwest for better sleep quality.

• Incorporating Vastu principles aligns your home with nature’s energies, promoting overall well-being.

Location of the house according to Vastu: 

Vastu emphasizes that the main entrance facing east or north brings auspicious energy, allowing maximum sunlight to enter. Specific room placements matter; bedrooms in the southwest, kitchens in the southeast or northwest corners. Consider nearby surroundings, avoiding structures blocking natural light. 

If you use natural materials like wood or stone in building, it makes your home feel stable and peaceful. When you include these natural things, your new house becomes balanced in energy, bringing peace, prosperity, and happiness to the people living there.

Tips for designing the layout of the house as per Vastu principles:

• Main entrance: The main entrance is considered the gateway for energy flow.

• Living room: Position the living room in the northeast or north direction for a peaceful and welcoming space. Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the main door as it may deflect positive energy.

• Bedrooms: For stability and restful sleep, the bedrooms should face southwest.

• Kitchen: Southeast or northwest orientation is ideal for nourishment and profitability.

• Bathrooms: This helps stop negative energies from spreading to other rooms.

• Garden location: If possible, put your garden on the east or north side of your house. This attracts positivity and abundance.

• Staircase position: Try not to put staircases directly across from entryways, especially the main entrance. This helps keep the energy flow in your home smooth.


1. Does Vastu matter when buying a new house?

Yes, it matters a lot! In our houses, Vastu helps establish balance and harmony. The individuals who live in a home can benefit from positive energy, better health, prosperity, and general well-being thanks to vastu principles.

2. How about applying to Vastu to decide where to put my new house?

Select a place free from obstructive factors such as power wires or cemeteries. The property should have a square or rectangular shape, and it should be taller in the southwest.

3. How significant is the house’s orientation in terms of Vastu?

Very important! The main entrance should face east or north for maximum positive energy. Avoid houses with entrances facing south or west, as they may bring obstacles and negativity.

4. Are there specific rules for designing the layout of my new house as per Vastu principles?

Yes, follow these guidelines:

      • Bedrooms in the southwest.

      • Good ventilation in all rooms.

      • Avoid staircases directly in front of entrance doors.

      • Ensure each room gets enough natural light.

      • Keep bathrooms separate from the kitchen.

    5. Can you share some quick tips for specific rooms based on Vastu?

        • Bedroom: Place your bed along the southwest wall, avoiding corners.

        • Kitchen: Put the stove in the southeast corner, never in the northeast.

        • Bathroom: Ensure good drainage and keep doors closed when not in use.

        • Living Room: Avoid mirrors on the southern wall and keep the room tidy.

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