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Vastu Sastra, like a friendly guide to home vibes, shares tips of Vastu for Interior Design, to make spaces happy and prosperous. Whether updating your bedroom or setting up a new workspace, these suggestions aim to boost both peace and productivity by fine-tuning the energy around you.

Vastu Shastra suggests avoiding dark furniture, kitchen tiles, and low lighting in interior design. It also recommends cleaning the northeast corner and sleeping with your back to a mirror for harmonious living spaces.

5 main elements of Vastu for Interior Design:

Earth element represents stability and grounding. To enhance this energy in your home or office, it is recommended to have heavier furniture in the south or southwest direction. This helps create a sense of security and strength within your living space.

Water element symbolizes flow and abundance. Placing water features like fountains or aquariums in the northeast or north direction can attract positive energy related to wealth, prosperity, and opportunities into your life.

Fire element signifies passion and transformation. Adding sources of light, like candles or lamps, in the southeast corner can spark motivation, creativity, and a strong drive for success.

• Air element represents movement and communication. By allowing proper ventilation in rooms located towards east or northwest directions, you invite fresh air to circulate freely which improves overall well-being.

How to apply Vastu for Interior Design principles:

  • Living Room: Position it in the northeast or east for good vibes. Use calming colors like light blue or green.
  • Bedroom: Place the bed in the southwest for peaceful sleep. Avoid mirrors facing the bed. Opt for soothing colors like pastels or earth tones.
  • Kitchen: Locate it in the southeast for fire energy, aiding digestion. Keep it clean, organized, and well-ventilated.
  • Home Office: Set it up in the northwest or northeast for productivity. Face east or north while working for positive energy.
  • Bathroom: Situate it towards the west or northwest to prevent negative energies from lingering.

Vastu for Interior Design Inspired Living:

  • Understand Energy Flow: Before designing, grasp the directional energy flow in Vastu. Align rooms accordingly to enhance positive energy.
  • Use Right Colors: Colors impact harmony. Warm hues like red in the south evoke passion, while cool shades like blue in the east enhance tranquility.
  • Furniture Placement Matters: Arrange furniture to maintain good energy flow. Avoid blocking pathways or placing heavy furniture near entrances.
  • Keep Clutter Away: Declutter regularly to eliminate chaos and allow positive energy to circulate freely. An open and inviting space promotes good vibes.


1. Is it necessary to follow Vastu principles for interior direction?

While following Vastu isn’t obligatory, it can significantly impact energy flow. Aligning interiors with directional energies fosters a harmonious environment, promoting positivity and prosperity.

2. Can Vastu be Applied in All Rooms?

Yes, you can apply Vastu principles in every room. Each room has specific guidelines to optimize energy flow.

3. Any popular incorrect views regarding Vastu?

Absolutely! There’s a common misconception that strictly following Vastu means sacrificing modern design aesthetics. However, this isn’t true. You can seamlessly blend contemporary styles with Vastu principles, achieving a harmonious balance without compromising on either aspect.

4. Follow Vastu’s standards, can I make any changes?

Absolutely! If your current layout doesn’t align perfectly with traditional Vastu, adjustments are possible within limits. Remedies like mirrors or specific color schemes can counterbalance negative energies and enhance the overall harmony of your space. Flexibility allows for harmony even when traditional recommendations aren’t precisely followed.

5. Do I need professional assistance to implement Vastu in my interiors?

Seeking professional guidance from a qualified Vaatu consultant or interior designer experienced in Vaatu Sastra would be beneficial when designing your space according to Vaatu principles; however, implementing basic Vaatu practices yourself by understanding its core concepts could also yield positive results.

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