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VASTU TIPS to Attract Money

TOP Vastu Tips to Attract Money | ASTROVAIDYA

Learn simple and effective tips to Attract Money from Vastu to attract more money into your life. Discover how arranging your space and adding specific symbols can enhance wealth. Find out about the ideal directions for attracting money & follow proven tips for prosperity.

Ideal Direction tips to Attract Money:

Vastu dictates that you can attract money by positioning valuables like safes or cash registers at the northeast corner of your house or place of business. The god of wealth, Lord Kuber, is associated with this corner, also referred to as the Ishanya direction. Here are some symbols to enhance positive energy:

  • Ganesha – The Barrier Breaker for Success:

Hindu god Ganesha, who is noted for removing challenges off the way, is comparable to a cosmic troubleshooter. Having a statue of Ganesha is similar to having a magic key that opens doors to prosperity and achievement.

  • Buddha Laughing: Spreading Joy and Prosperity:

Known as Budai or Hotei in Buddhist and Chinese traditions, the Laughing Buddha is not just happy; it’s a joyous magnet for prosperity. Rubbing its belly is like dialing up a good fortune.

  • Feng Shui Money Frog – Hopper of Wealth:

The Feng Shui Money Frog, or Jin Chan/Chan Chu, is like a financial superhero. This Chinese symbol, with a coin in its mouth, leaps into your space to bring in wealth and abundance.

  • Cornucopia: The Magical Horn of Abundance

Horn of Plenty is the cornucopia is more than just a symbol; It delivers prosperity and plenty straight to your home, much like a delivery service based on Greek and Roman mythology.

Tips to get wealth and prosperity:

  • Declutter for Abundance:

Imagine your space as a garden—a mess is like weeds choking growth. Clearing clutter lets positive energy flow freely, opening doors for financial opportunities. Keep your home or office tidy, shedding what’s unnecessary to invite prosperity in.

  • Wealth Corner Activation:

Picture the southeast corner as a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked. Sprinkle it with symbols of abundance—a flourishing money plant, a radiant bowl of gemstones, or a jovial laughing Buddha. These treasures beckon wealth to flow effortlessly into your life.

• Use auspicious colors:

Colors affect our mood. In Vastu, using colors like green, purple, gold, or red in the wealth area can boost financial growth and attract abundance.

• Place your desk strategically:

Arrange your workspace according to Vastu if you handle finances at home or in an office. Facing east while working can harness positive energy for financial success.

• Be mindful of water elements:

In Vastu, water signifies flow and abundance. Putting fountains or aquariums near the entrance of your home or business can make a welcoming space for wealth to come in.


1. Can Vastu alone attract money and wealth?

Vastu contributes to a positive atmosphere, yet attracting money involves more than just aligning your space. While Vastu enhances prosperity, it’s crucial to combine it with key factors like hard work, smart financial planning, and wise investments. Success comes from a blend of positive energy and practical efforts.

  • Do I Have to Renovate for Vastu?

Vastu brings positive changes without major overhauls. Simple remedies like rearranging furniture, using specific colors or materials, strategic object placement, or incorporating certain shapes can effectively enhance the flow of positive energy. Renovation isn’t always necessary for Vastu benefits. Major structural changes are not always required unless there are severe imbalances in the existing layout.

  • Vastu Tips: Believe or Not?

Vastu’s ancient wisdom has brought positive change to many. While belief plays a role, you can still apply basic tips without fully subscribing to its principles. The effectiveness of these practices transcends personal belief, offering potential benefits regardless of your convictions. The underlying science behind these tips focuses on optimizing energy flow within a space which can benefit anyone regardless of their beliefs.

4. How long does it take for Vastu changes to bring financial improvements?

The timeline for experiencing financial improvements through implementing Vastu changes may vary from person to person depending on several factors such as the severity of imbalances present, individual karma (actions), dedication towards following the recommended remedies consistently, and overall alignment with one’s goals and intentions. It is important to approach this practice with patience while staying committed to creating positive shifts over time.

  • Disregarding Vastu for Wealth: Consequences?

Neglecting Vastu’s wealth guidelines can disrupt balance and harm financial stability. Vastu aims to harmonize spaces for positive energy flow. Ignoring these guidelines disrupts energy balance, potentially leading to financial challenges.

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