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How to use Vastu to Improve Your Marriage Relationship

How to use Vastu to Improve Your Marriage Relationship | astrovaidya

Organizing your house following Vastu to Improve Your Marriage situation, is a perfect way for your relationship.

Applying Vastu creates a positive and loving environment, fostering deeper satisfaction in your relationship.Learn how the harmony and balance with nature that are the foundation of Vastu principles may strengthen your marriage. As we explore its world, let’s discover how Vastu can change your marital connection like never before!

Principle of Vastu to Improve Your Marriage:

Vastu looks at things like which direction our home faces, how it’s structured, and how energy moves around inside it. By following Vastu principles, we can boost positive energy and reduce negative vibes. This, in turn, can improve our overall well-being.

From the design of rooms to where we put furniture and decorations, every detail matters in Vastu. It aims to create a space that supports healthy relationships. By understanding and applying these principles, we can build a home that encourages love and understanding in our marriage.

Learning about the basic ideas behind Vastu allows us to use its power to bring more harmony into our lives, especially in our relationships.

Making Marriage vastu better for you:

Marriage is a special connection that needs care and understanding. Vastu, an old Indian way of designing homes, helps make marriages better. It facilitates the development of a joyful and upbeat environment at home where love and respect can flourish.

The arrangement of items in your home can influence your relationship with your partner. Placing the bedroom in the southwest corner, for instance, strengthens the relationship. It facilitates communication and sharing between you and your partner when you have an open area in the center of your house.

The main idea of vastu is to maintain equality and balance in your home. This lessens arguments and other issues in your partnership. It’s also about bringing in good energy that makes your marriage stronger.

Vastu Tips for Marriage:

Here are some easy tips to make your home a positive place for love:

  • Put the bed in the southwest corner for more love and closeness. Avoid mirrors facing the bed to keep harmony.
  • Keep fresh flowers or plants in the southeast corner to bring in positivity and communication.
  • Don’t let clutter or broken things stay around. They can mess up the good energy in your home and affect your marriage.
  • To create a calm and friendly atmosphere, pick cozy colors for your decorations like pink, green, or light blue.

Vastu Mistakes in Marriage:

  • Placing the bedroom in the southeast corner can lead to discord in your marriage.
  • Having a mirror directly facing the bed may disrupt harmony and closeness in your relationship.
  • A cluttered home can negatively impact your marital happiness.
  • Sharp edges in your living space can create tension between partners.
  • Neglecting proper ventilation and natural light can also affect the harmony in your marriage.

Marriage Conflicts:

When conflicts arise in a marriage, Vastu can help create a balanced and positive environment. Arrange furniture to promote openness, incorporate elements like fresh flowers, and pay attention to bedroom layout for better communication and intimacy. By addressing energy blockages through Vastu adjustments, you can cultivate mutual respect and love in your marriage for long-term harmony.

Bringing Positive Energy into Your Home with Vastu Practices:

To foster positive energy and strengthen relationships, follow Vastu practices. Declutter your home, incorporate elements like fresh flowers or crystals, position furniture correctly, and embrace natural light. Such actions may promote a caring environment that promotes happy relationships and general well-being.


Using Vastu principles in your home can make a big difference in your marriage and overall happiness. Following to these rules while organizing your living area contributes to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere. This good energy may enhance your relationship with your spouse, fortify your emotional link, and encourage peace in your house.

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