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Cancer due to Vaastu Dosh in horoscope ? astrovaidya

Cancer due to Vaastu Dosh in horoscope ? astrovaidya

To learn more about Cancer due to Vaastu Dosh for health issues, visit this link. Take heed of these easy Vastu suggestions to help your loved ones stay well.

Vastu is a practice that believes every object and building has a special energy field that affects people living in it. It’s based on balancing energies for physical and mental well-being. Vastu considers factors like building orientation, room sizes, door and window placement, and natural elements. The goal is to create a positive energy flow for health, happiness, and success.

Vastu links to five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Each direction (North, East, West, South) is associated with forces like career growth, good health, stability, and wealth. The central zone, called “Brahmasthan,” is crucial for overall well-being.

Vastu believes that imbalances in a building can harm inhabitants. It also claims the power to correct these issues. By making small changes, following remedies, and focusing on the central area, positive energy flow can be enhanced.

Concept of cancer due to Vaastu Dosh:

The concept of Vastu defects comes from ancient Indian beliefs about energy flow in buildings, called Vastu Shastra. People think that problems, even diseases like cancer, can happen if there’s bad energy in certain areas of a building. Consultants say you can find these “defects” by looking at how things are arranged, like doors, windows, or furniture.

For example, a crucial part is the central area called Brahmasthan, and if something’s wrong there, it might affect people’s health. Another issue is Veedhi Shoola, where corners formed by walls could attract bad vibes.

Vastu health problems relation:

The practice of Vastu focused on balancing energy flow in living spaces, has gained popularity for promoting well-being. While believers attribute Vastu defects to health issues, linking it to serious diseases like cancer lacks scientific support. Claims about electromagnetic radiation causing cancer based on Vastu principles lack evidence, as studies show no direct link between such radiation and cancer. Similarly, the idea that sleeping direction influences cancer risk due to Earth’s magnetic field changes is debunked by scientists.

Most modern homes don’t strictly follow traditional Vastu principles, making it challenging for supposed defects to impact health. Despite this, Vastu encourages beneficial practices like clutter-free spaces, ventilation, natural light, and the use of natural materials, positively influencing mental health.

While Vastu might contribute to a healthier living environment, there’s no proof it causes cancer. It’s essential to approach Vastu with an open mind, recognizing its potential benefits without relying solely on its principles.

Vastu defects causing cancer:

Some believe that certain home issues, such as having rooms in improper locations or an underground water tank, can cause cancer. They think the following items may contribute to cancer:

  • Water Tanks Underground: Putting a big water tank underground in a certain direction might make the energy in the house unbalanced, which they think could cause cancer.
  • Oddly Shaped Houses: If a house doesn’t have regular shapes or has parts cut off, it might have bad energy, and that could be bad for health. Also, it might make the air inside the house not very good, which is not healthy.
  • Bedrooms in the Wrong Spot: Having a bedroom in a certain corner could make people feel stressed, and stress might be linked to cancer.
  • Mirrors: Because mirrors reflect energy, positioning them incorrectly can create negative energy that could be harmful to one’s health.
  • Electronics: Due to the radiation, they emit, some people believe it may be harmful to have TVs, microwaves, or Wi-Fi routers in bedrooms. They believe this radiation might disturb the natural energy flow and increase the risk of cancer.

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