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Vastu Tips- 9 Things To Bring Home This Holi 2024

Vastu Tips: 9 Things To Bring Home This Holi 2024

These Vastu guidelines to celebrate Holi peacefully: use vibrant colors, fresh flowers, sweets, candles, and things to bring home this holi 2024.

It’s time to add some Vastu magic to your house as the colorful celebration of Holi draws near! This holiday season, use the age-old knowledge of Vastu Shastra to bring peace and wealth into your home. Learn how to improve the flow of energy in your house with these 5 potent Vastu suggestions for a happy and prosperous Holi celebration 2024.

Let’s get started and fill your environment with plenty and positivity!

Vastu Shastra Things To Bring Home This Holi:

Holi is special because it shows that spring has come and good has won over bad, according to Vastu Shastra. Vastu says colors can change how energy flows in your home. Bright colors are used to adorn homes for Holi to ward off negativity and draw in positive energy.

To make room for new energy to enter your house, it’s also a time for spiritual and physical renewal and purification. Vastu concepts may be used with Holi customs to create a more lucrative and happy living space.

The concept of energy flow in Vastu:

In Vastu Shastra, people believe in the flow of energy in your home. They think this energy, called ‘prana’, should move freely to bring good things like health and wealth. You can help this energy by arranging your home in a certain way. Each part of your home is linked to different parts of your life, like health or relationships. If you understand how energy moves in these areas, you can make your home better for you. You can make small changes to keep the energy flowing well, like cleaning up and adding things that make you feel good. This can bring good luck and happiness into your life.

9 Vastu Things To Bring Home This Holi:

  1. Fresh Plants and Flowers: Adding live plants and flowers to your house helps enhance the flow of good energy. They represent growth and plenty and provide beauty and freshness.
  2. Vibrant Colors: Use bright colors while decorating to create a positive atmosphere and draw positive energy.
  3. Natural Cleaning: Use natural materials like essential oils or herbal cleaners to tidy up your home. This eliminates any bad energy in addition to cleansing the actual area.
  4. Mirror: Place a mirror in your house with its strategic orientation facing either the east or the north to maximize light and energy.
  5. Calm Aromas: To fill your house with the peaceful scents of lavender or sandalwood, burn incense sticks or diffuse their essential oils. This encourages contentment and relaxation.
  6. Crystal Tortoise: In many cultures, people think the tortoise represents living a long time, being safe, and staying steady. Bringing home a crystal tortoise during Holi could mean the start of a happy and lasting time.
  7. Bamboo Plant: During Holi, getting a bamboo plant can symbolize new beginnings and the possibility of many good things happening in your life. Put it in a bright area at home to help it grow well. You can also make it look pretty with colorful ribbons or flowers for Holi.
  8. Aquarium: Having an aquarium at home can make your place feel calm and peaceful during the exciting times of Holi. Watching colorful fish swim gently among plants can be relaxing for you and your visitors. Put the aquarium where everyone can see it, and maybe add some colorful rocks or cute fish decorations to make it fit the festive mood.
  9. A Picture of the Dragon: Dragons are often seen as strong, powerful, and lucky in many cultures. Bringing a dragon picture home during Holi might mean overcoming challenges and finding success. Hang it somewhere important in your home, like by the front door or in the main room, to bring in good energy and protection during the festival.


During Holi 2024, you can make your home happier and more prosperous by using Vastu principles. Try these 9 tips: bring in fresh flowers and plants, use bright colors, clean with natural things, put mirrors in good spots, and burn incense or essential oils.

This Holi, try these easy Vastu ideas to make your home bright and lucky. May your home be full of good energy and good things to bring home this holi. Enjoy the festival with Vastu for a happy and peaceful home!

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