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How Vastu Healing Affects You | ASTROVAIDYA

How Vastu Healing Affects You | ASTROVAIDYA

Enter a realm where conventional wisdom and contemporary life coexist. The ancient Indian subcontinental technique of Vastu Healing is becoming more and more well-known for its capacity to balance the flow of energy in houses and enhance general well-being. Find out how an all-encompassing strategy may improve your life and alter the way you see your environment.

How does Vastu Healing Works?

The ancient Indian art of vastu focuses on balancing the energy in our homes to improve our general health. For instance, having enough sunlight and ventilation in the home might enhance mental and respiratory wellness. Vastu also advises against clutter and upkeep of cleanliness to facilitate the free passage of energy throughout the room. People who adhere to these recommendations may feel less stressed and have better mental clarity.

By fostering a harmonious and balanced atmosphere, implementing Vastu principles into your home or working environment may have a good impact on your health.

Protect the Fire element:

Protecting the Fire element in your home is essential for preserving harmony and balance when it comes to Vastu healing. The Fire element is associated with passion, vigor, and change. To protect this component, think about using vibrant and creative colors in your décor, such as orange or red.

Appliances and other electronics should not be placed in the southeast orientation of your house as this will interfere with the beneficial energy connected with the fire element. To enhance this energy, use natural light sources like candles or sunshine instead. Additionally, you may support development and success by feeding the Fire element and encouraging it with plants like succulents or cactus in the southeast corner. You may attract more warmth and abundance into your life by honoring and nourishing this elemental power in your house.

Avoid a main entrance in North-West:

In terms of Vastu healing, where your home’s main entry is located has a significant impact on how energy flows through it. The main entry should not be located in the North-West direction since this direction is linked to movement and air, which might upset the balance and harmony of your living area.

A primary entry point in the north-west might cause relationship instability, money problems, and general unhappiness in your life. This location is thought to attract bad energy into your home, increasing the frequency at which difficulties and problems appear.

Avoid a kitchen in North:

Regarding Vastu healing, where your kitchen is located determines how well good energy flows through your house. Having a kitchen in the North might upset the elements’ equilibrium and have an impact on your general well-being, according to Vastu principles. Since the water element is linked to the north, fire-related activities like cooking are not appropriate in this direction. The residents of the home may have emotional instability and health problems as a result of the kitchen’s placement.

It is advised against placing the kitchen in the north to maintain harmony and wellness. since per Vastu principles, it is advisable to place it in the South-East or northwest directions since these are more favorable for culinary operations.

Avoid an overhead water tank in the East:

Regarding Vastu healing, the arrangement of objects in your house is very important for encouraging good energy flow. Avoiding an overhanging water tank in the east direction is an important factor to take into account. Water represents prosperity and riches by Vastu principles. It is possible to cause imbalance and disturb the positive energy flow by positioning a water tank above. This might result in financial hardships or roadblocks on your way to achievement.

You are enabling harmonious energy circulation in your living area by making sure that there isn’t an above-water tank facing east. This small change can help create a more tranquil and balanced atmosphere, which promotes general health and healing.

Keep the medicines between the North and North East:

Don’t forget to shield the Fire element by facing southeast with candles or lamps. To keep bad energy out of your property, don’t place your main entrance in the north-west corner. To sustain good vibrations and prevent health problems, keep the kitchen away from the North area. Make sure there isn’t an above-water tank facing eastward, as this might cause unstable finances.

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